When permanent work restrictions end your career

Michigan workers comp lawyer describes how permanent work restrictions can end your career and how you can get help finding other employment.

I frequently write about how a work injury can be a life changing event. This is especially true when it results in permanent work restrictions.

Many of my clients have been doing heavy work for their entire life. The transition to light or sedentary work can be very difficult. It can also pay substantially less money.

You should understand that if you are given permanent work restrictions this does not mean that you are disabled for life. Here is some information about workers comp to give you hope and help you find other employment.

Wage Loss

No one wants to be disabled and unable to earn a living. The idea that people get rich from workers comp is ridiculous. Most people just want to support themselves and their families.

You are entitled to 80% of the after-tax value of your average weekly wage. This amount is fixed at the time of your injury and it does not matter if your job is eliminated or your company shuts down.

To qualify for wage loss, you must demonstrate that you are disabled. This means that you cannot perform your job and cannot find any other employment that would pay you equivalent wages.

Even if you can find another job within your work restrictions, you are entitled to receive the difference between what you are able to earn now and what you could earn before your injury.

You will never be penalized because you tried to find other work. In fact, if your wage loss benefits are ever disputed, you will need to prove that you made a good faith search for other employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Your employer and its insurance company have a big incentive to help you with retraining and job placement because it reduces the amount of wage loss benefits that need to be paid.

A vocational counselor may be hired to help you with your job search. You can also get a maximum of two years of tuition reimbursement for college. You should be paid wage loss benefits during the period of time that you are being retrained or looking for other jobs.

Some insurance companies hire vocational counselors for the sole purpose of harassment or to cut workers comp benefits. A vocational counselor can make your problems even worse by ignoring permanent work restrictions or by suggesting demeaning jobs.

If it is found that you did not cooperate with a vocational counselor, you can lose your entitlement to wage loss benefits. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, hire an experienced workers comp lawyer to help you.

Workers Comp Settlement

Many of our clients simply want to settle their workers comp case and move on with their life. You can trade your entitlement to workers comp benefits for a cash payment. This lets you do your own retraining and allows you the freedom to attend whatever classes you want. You can also use a workers comp settlement to start your own business.

To speak with one of our workers comp lawyers, call (855) 221-2667. There is no fee to evaluate your case and we only get paid if you receive workers comp benefits.

Even if you are receiving workers comp benefits, it is a good idea to call our office and we can show you how to settle your claim. We will make sure that the insurance company pays the most money available under the law.

Alex Berman is the founder of the law firm. He’s been representing injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Alex has helped countless people obtain workers comp benefits and always offers free office visits.

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