Top 10 Fast Facts (2016-2017 Edition)

Our annual list of top 10 facts and statistics for workers’ compensation in Michigan.

Fact #1: The maximum rate for 2017 is $870.00 per week. This is based upon a state average weekly wage of $965.62. High wage earners are capped at $45,240 annually regardless of their salary.

Fact #2: Travel reimbursement rates have been set at $0.535 per mile beginning January 1, 2017. Meal rates for select cities include $10.25 for breakfast, $10.25 for lunch, and $24.25 for dinner. Reimbursement for lodging is $75.00 plus taxes.

Fact #3: Michigan law requires payment to commence on the 14th day. The 2016 Pay Lag Report shows group funds take an average of 16 days to start payment, self-insureds take an average of 15 days, and insurance carriers take 17 days.

Fact #4: The 2016 Notice of Dispute Report shows the percentage of voluntary payment claims that are eventually disputed but not litigated. The average for all insurance companies in Michigan was 7.8% for 2016. Some insurance companies have dispute rates exceeding 20%.

Fact #5: There were 6,240 contested cases opened in 2016. This represents a 44% drop compared to 2006.

Fact #6: The average workers’ compensation settlement in 2016 was $59,201.45.

Fact #7: More than 70% of cases in 2016 were eventually settled through the redemption process.

Fact #8: Detroit has the largest number of files with 3,248 pending cases as of 2/28/17. Okemos is second busiest with 1,938 pending cases. Pontiac is third with 1,231.

Fact #9: Magistrates gave just 18 open awards in 2016. Closed periods represent another 15 awards. A total of 29 claims were denied.

Fact #10: The pure premium advisory rate will drop by an average of 9.3% in 2017. Michigan employers have now seen a 39% decrease since 2011 saving an estimated $390 million.

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