Answers to workers’ comp questions now!

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted November 29th, 2018

Law firm staff can help with status updates, general questions, and make sure your file is up to date. Our annual Thanksgiving blog post was devoted to people who help after a workplace accident. Included on the list was our law firm staff who answer general questions and help prepare cases for trial and/or settlement. […]

MiScorecard Performance Summary (Sept. 2018)

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted November 28th, 2018

Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) releases its MiScorecard for end of 3rd quarter 2018. Governor Rick Snyder created Michigan Dashboard to provide a quick assessment of state government. We have been critical of this tool because of the metrics used and the missing human component. The WCA has now released its MiScorecard for reporting period September […]

Winter has come early this year for Michigan

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted November 27th, 2018

Types of workers’ comp claims that are covered in Michigan when employees get hurt because of ice and snow. Temperatures are dropping into the 30s and snow has already fallen. Winter has indeed come early this year! Here is our annual warning for cold weather danger. We frequently have clients hurt from a slip and […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted November 22nd, 2018

Giving thanks to people who help our clients overcome adversity. Our law firm will be closed today and tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We will be spending time with family, eating turkey, and watching the Detroit Lions. Today’s blog post is dedicated to those individuals who assist our clients with recovery. They include caregivers, medical professionals, vocational […]

Warning about holiday season danger!

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted November 21st, 2018

Retail employees face increased workplace danger throughout holiday season. Our staff is already excited about shopping on “Black Friday.” This is the day following Thanksgiving when retailers kick off big sales promotions. Expect stores to be packed with people looking for bargains! Here is a reminder about the dangers retail employees face during the holiday […]

Smoking weed while on workers’ comp

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted November 20th, 2018

Recreational use of marijuana to be legalized in Michigan and what this means for individuals on workers’ comp. Michigan voters approved Proposal 1 (Marijuana Legalization Imitative) by a wide margin on November 6, 2018. Individuals will now be able to smoke marijuana without fear of state criminal prosecution. It remains illegal under federal law. Medical […]

What issues to watch in 2019?

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted November 15th, 2018

Michigan workers’ comp attorney lists his issues to watch in 2019. The 2018 election cycle is finally over. It unknown what changes will be coming to workers’ comp during the next year. Workers’ comp reforms have not been kind to employees hurt on-the-job. Here are some issues to watch in 2019. 1. Insurance premiums Michigan’s […]

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