7 hurdles you might need to jump

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What every claimant needs to know about his or her workers comp claim in Michigan. The best way to ensure success is by understanding the workers comp system. This includes knowing which hurdles you must jump. Don’t count on being paid forever as most claims are eventually disputed. Here are some issues you should know […]

Medical costs lower than most states

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New study from WCRI shows workers compensation medical costs in Michigan lower than most states and rising slowly. The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) released a new study finding that medical payments for workers compensation claims in Michigan were lower than most states and rising at a slow pace. “From 2007 to 2012, medical payments […]

FBI files criminal charges against back surgeon

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Local doctor accused of performing fraudulent back surgeries and defrauding millions from Medicare. reports that Dr. Aria Sabit of Birmingham, MI has been accused of performing lumbar fusions without implanting intended medical devices, misleading patients, and billing for services not performed. He remains in custody after a judge ruled him a flight risk and […]

37% of Americans think you are faking

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New study shows social stigma that goes along with filing for workers compensation. A survey conducted by Harris Poll found that 37% of Americans believe “most workers’ compensation claims are made by people who don’t want to work.” The survey of more than 2,000 adults (aged 18+) was conducted online from September 29- October 1 […]

Promising research for individuals suffering from paralysis

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Future treatments for spinal cord injury and help that is available right now through workers comp insurance. Bioscience Technology published a fascinating article examining some of the new research going into spinal cord injury. Everything from robotic exoskeletons to creating new nerves is being explored. We hope these new approaches give people hope. Many spinal […]

Employee? Independent Contractor? Who really knows?

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Michigan Supreme Court Opinion: Failure to satisfy any one of three criteria in MCL 418.161(1)(n) will exclude an individual from employee status. The issue of employee vs independent contractor has been debated for years. This important distinction means the difference between collecting workers’ compensation benefits or sometimes having no recourse at all. Michigan courts have […]

Top Workers Comp Questions – 2014 Edition

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Answers to some of the most frequent workers comp questions asked in 2014. We have seen significant changes to Michigan workers comp in the last several years. This has resulted in additional litigation costs and less benefits. The more things change, the more things remain the same. Here are the top questions for 2014 that […]

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