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Watch Out For The Short-Term Disability (STD) Trap

Why applying for short-term disability can hurt your workers comp case and how to maximize your benefits.

Michigan law requires almost all private employers to purchase workers comp insurance. This is to protect both the employer and the employee in the event of a work accident. Workers comp pays medical and wage loss benefits regardless of fault.

Short-term disability is a type of insurance that pays a percentage of your salary if you cannot work because of sickness or injury. Short-term disability does not usually cover work-related injuries. The amount and duration of benefits is defined by the insurance contract.

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Workers Compensation and Long-Term Disability

Michigan attorney explains how you can get both workers compensation and long-term disability under certain circumstances.

Many people call our office who have clearly suffered an injury at work but are not being paid workers compensation.  Employers prefer to have these individuals file claims for long-term disability instead of workers compensation.  The reason for this is simple, it usually costs the employer less money.

Workers compensation is superior to long-term disability because the wage loss benefits are tax free and it covers medical treatment for your work injury.  You can also get vocational rehabilitation in the form of retraining or education under workers compensation.

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