Wellness programs reduce workers comp claims in Michigan

Michigan workers comp lawyer discusses how wellness programs can reduce workers comp claims and how employers can save money by treating their employees better.

We recently posted an article about how companies can save money by treating their injured workers better. Our point was that by providing prompt medical care and some temporary work accommodations, many workers comp cases can be avoided.

The law already requires the payment of medical and wage loss benefits.  Doing the right thing under workers comp can be a smart business strategy to avoid litigation.

We see far too many cases where the employer or insurance company disputes payment of workers comp for a stupid reason. For example, we just settled a case for an individual who was denied workers comp because the restrictions from his doctor were a week late.

Wellness programs work

A recent article from Mlive.com cited the example of a large Michigan health care company that started a wellness program. The company saw dramatic cost savings from its efforts. Workers comp claims were 35 percent less than other similar employers in the area. Direct costs related to workers comp were $11.8 million less than for other employers.

As work comp lawyers, we want to encourage other Michigan companies to take a proactive approach to their employees health. It should come as no surprise that healthier workers are less prone to injury and recover faster.

Companies should also provide better training and safer working conditions. We see too many companies that tell their employees to ignore safety guidelines to speed up production.

Workers comp is an important part of employee health

Injuries at work are going to happen no matter what.  Employers must not ignore their responsibilities.
Medical treatment and wage loss benefits should be paid when appropriate.  Employers  should also consider offering favored work so that their employees have the chance to be productive despite any work restrictions.

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