Michigan Workers Compensation Laws

Michigan disability lawyer lists the major sections of the workers compensation law and shows how to get help with your case.

We believe that every injured worker deserves to know his or her legal rights. Listed below are some of the major sections of the workers compensation law that might affect your claim.

418.115 Employers covered; private employers; agricultural employers; medical and hospital coverage.

418.131 Exclusive remedy; exception; “employee” and “employer” defined.

418.161 “Employee” defined; exclusion from coverage of partner or spouse, child, or parent in employer’s family; election by employee to be excluded; notice of election; duration of elected exclusion; MCL 418.141 inapplicable to certain actions.

418.171 Employer contracting with person not subject to act; liability; applicability of section to principal and contractor; willful circumvention of provisions; employer as contractor; reimbursement agreement.

418.301 Compensation for personal injury or death resulting from personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment; time or date of injury; compensation for mental disabilities and conditions of aging process; presumption; injury incurred in pursuit of social or recreational activity; “disability” defined; determining entitlement to weekly wage loss benefits; notice to Michigan employment security commission; priorities in finding employment; notice of employee refusing offer of employment; termination of benefits; “reasonable employment” defined; payment of benefits to persons incarcerated in penal institution or confined in mental institution; discrimination prohibited; personal injuries and work related diseases to which section applicable.

418.305 Willful misconduct of employee.

418.315 Furnishing medical care for injury arising out of and in course of employment; optometric service; chiropractic service; attendant or nursing care; selection of physician by employee; objection; order; other services and appliances; proration of attorney fees; fees and other charges subject to rules; advisory committee; excessive fees or unjustified treatment, hospitalization, or visits; review of records and medical bills; “utilization review” defined; effect of accepting payment; submitting false or misleading information as misdemeanor; penalty; improper overutilization or inappropriate health care or health services; appeal; criteria or standards; certification; unusual health care or service.

418.319 Medical or vocational rehabilitation services.

418.357 Employee 65 or older; reduction of weekly payments; exception.

418.361 Partial incapacity for work; amount and duration of compensation; effect of imprisonment or commission of crime; scheduled disabilities; meaning of total and permanent disability; limitations; payment for loss of second member.

418.371 Weekly loss in wages; average weekly wage.

418.372 Employee engaged in more than 1 employment at time of personal injury or personal injury resulting in death; liability; apportionment of weekly benefits; exception.

418.385 Physical examination of employee; payment; report; copy; evidence; failure of party to provide medical report.

418.801 Payment of compensation; time; manner; record; reports; daily charges as elements of loss; failure to notify carrier of disability or death; interest.

418.835 Redemption of liability from personal injury; payment of lump sum; proposed redemption agreement as lump sum application; liability of employer; hearing; notice to employer; waiver; use of fees; applicability to proposed redemption agreements of subsections (2) to (5).

418.845 Out-of-state injuries; jurisdiction; benefits.

Help is available for your workers compensation case

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