Chronic pain as a disabling medical condition under workers compensation

Michigan workers compensation lawyer discusses how chronic pain can result in a disabling medical condition that triggers the payment of benefits.

Here is an excellent TED talk from Dr. Elliot Krane regarding chronic pain. Dr. Krane explains that pain is often thought of as a symptom but there are situations where the nervous system develops feedback loops and pain becomes a terrible disease in itself.

Chronic pain and workers compensation

Employers and insurance companies frequently disregard subjective complaints of pain and send people back to work without restriction. Unfortunately, this does not always tell the whole story.

Pain is a complicated issue in the context of workers compensation. There is no magic test that can prove what a person is feeling. We see individuals who are told to go back to work even though they cannot tolerate the pain.

The best way to protect yourself in a workers compensation case is by communicating openly with your doctor. We see so many people who suffer in pain because they do not know what options are available.

You are entitled to reasonable and necessary medical treatment for your pain. This includes hiring a pain specialist if necessary. This is especially true if you have been diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or complex regional pain syndrome.

If you cannot work, you should be paid wage loss benefits. The sooner you get appropriate medical care, the faster you can get back to work.

Where to turn for help with workers compensation

You should fight any decision that ends your entitlement to workers compensation benefits. Bad medical opinions from insurance company doctors can always be challenged in court.

Workers compensation insurance is supposed to help you when you have an injury at work. Hire an experienced workers compensation lawyer to hold your employer and its insurance company accountable.

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