New TV Show: “Workers’ Comp”

Why workers comp is no laughing matter and how this new sitcom could actually hurt your claim for benefits. Our 2 cents as workers comp lawyers in Michigan.

Powerful special interest groups are aligned with the sole purpose of reducing or eliminating workers comp benefits. This was most recently demonstrated with the passage of House Bill 5002 in Michigan.

House Bill 5002 made it legal for employers and insurance companies to reduce wage loss benefits based upon a job they think you can perform. It does not matter if you are actually earning wages or not.

The rallying cry for this horrible legislation was that insurance fraud is rampant and people are staying home abusing the system. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, Accident Fund Insurance Company estimates that actual workers comp fraud involves less than 4% of claims.

About “Workers’ Comp” the TV show

From a recent press release: Workers’ Comp is a half-hour comedy about a small workers compensation insurance company whose employees are as bizarre and insane as the absurd, often fraudulent, on-the-job injury claims the carrier faces. The show centers on five main characters working at the family-owned Pinnacle Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company. Inspired by real-life incidents, the show offers viewers an unusual vantage point, giving them insight into the who’s-scamming-who? dynamic between insurance companies and claimants. Zoe Arendes is the twenty-year-old daughter of wacky company owner, Joan. Though Joan has several other endeavors, which consume her time, she refuses to validate Zoe by handing over the reins of the company. Kevin Andrews, the firm’s defense attorney, has no regard for Zoe’s insistence on professionalism in the workplace. Lonny, who joined the staff after suffering his own on-the-job injury, is an inappropriate oaf. Rounding out the primary staff is Lynn, a manipulative adjuster who manages to convince claimants of her devotion to them, only to catch them at their most vulnerable point and drive them to settle their claim for as little as possible, regardless of their personal circumstances. As we follow this controversial team through hilarious story lines, we see the complicated dealings of a small business and the individuals who make it all work.

Why workers comp is no laughing matter

There is a public perception that people on workers comp are somehow scamming the system. The reason for this is because special interest groups have relentlessly advocated for what they call “needed reform.” Their highly paid lobbyists talk about preventing fraud but it’s really just a money grab. They want to pay less on legitimate workers comp claims.

Somewhere lost in this discussion is the injured worker. Ask any of our clients who have had their wage loss benefits cut-off if they think workers comp is funny. I would imagine it would be hard for them to enjoy a TV show about a zany insurance company that denies benefits and how most of their claims are “often fraudulent” anyways.

This TV show will do nothing but perpetuate insurance company propaganda and make it more difficult for injured workers to get fair benefits. How about the producers focus on a new TV show exposing the truth about IME doctors? What about a TV show that explains how workers comp benefits can be cut-off based upon a job that doesn’t really exist?

We stand with injured workers

Important issues need to be treated in a serious way. Our Michigan workers comp lawyers will continue to fight insurance company abuse and bring light to these issues.

To speak with one of our workers comp lawyers in Michigan, call (855) 221-2667 for a free consultation. We will fight to protect your legal rights and will make sure that you receive fair compensation under the law.

Alex Berman is the founder of Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers. He’s been representing injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Alex has helped countless people obtain workers comp benefits and never charges a fee to review a case.

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