Four Ways Employers And Insurance Companies Think Differently About Disputed Claims

Workers compensation lawyer in Michigan provides insight into the mind of employers and insurance companies when they deny a claim.

It always amazes me how differently employers and insurance companies view disputed claims. Now there is always two sides to every story but sometimes facts are facts. Here are four ways that employers and insurance companies see disputed claims differently.

1. The employee is stretching out their disability and could work if motivated.

Our clients do not want to be on workers compensation. Many of them live paycheck to paycheck and the reduced income can be devastating for their families. Sitting at home in pain is no great vacation. When wage loss benefits are disputed, this means that a person’s family might have no income whatsoever. Most of our clients would jump at the chance to come back to work with restrictions.

2. The employee must be lying about the injury.

Employers and insurance companies look at all claims with an eye for fraud. This leads to some truly bizarre denials. Got hurt on a Monday morning? You must not want to work this week so your claim is denied! Did not report the injury until the following day? You must have gotten hurt at home! Someone posted a picture of you on Facebook smiling? You must be lying about how bad you are hurt!

3. The insurance company doctor says the employee fine.

Everyone knows that insurance companies use the same doctors over and over again. Most find nothing wrong or say that the employee has fully recovered. Some make a career out of testifying for insurance companies. IME doctors are not the final authority on disability. Treating medical opinions should be given at least equal weight.

4. We offered the employee a job and it was refused.

An employer can avoid paying wage loss benefits if an offer of reasonable employment is made. Unfortunately, some employers ignore work restrictions or offer demeaning jobs meant to harass. The goal should not be to get your injured employee to quit. This is not reasonable employment and our clients are justified in refusing to work under these conditions.

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Alex Berman is the founder of Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers. He’s been representing injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Alex has helped countless people obtain workers compensation benefits and never charges a fee to evaluate a case.

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