Michigan Supreme Court Election 2012

Michigan workers compensation lawyer explains why you NEED to VOTE on the NONPARTISAN section of your ballot.

“West Wing” stars reunite to promote awareness about voting on the nonpartisan section of your ballot. Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget Mary McCormack featured.

Why the nonpartisan section is important

Recent decisions by the Michigan Supreme Court have severely impacted people on workers compensation. The Lofton case started the idea that an individual could have his or her wage loss benefits cut-off based upon an imaginary job. The Stokes opinion changed the burden of proof making it much harder to collect benefits. Rakestraw makes it nearly impossible to prove a case when an individual has a pre-existing condition.

All of these bad decisions were codified by the Republican controlled Legislature in December 2011 when it passed House Bill 5002. Workers compensation has been so limited that many people receive no benefits at all for their work injuries.

Special interest groups used enormous political pressure to ensure passage of  House Bill 5002. Their lobbyists talked about modernizing the law and preventing fraud but this was really just a money grab. These changes ensure that they will pay much less on workers compensation claims in the future. Insurance companies and big corporations get richer while everyone else suffers the consequences.

What must be done to fix the problem

It’s no secret that House Bill 5002 passed along party lines. The Republicans rammed this legislation through in less than 90 days and hearings were held during the week of Thanksgiving when not many people were around. It took only 3 months to change nearly 100 years of workers compensation law.

Many of our clients will be expressing their anger at the voting booth in November. Republicans control the state house, state senate, and governor’s office. Their agenda is clear and working people are not a priority.

But it’s not good enough to just check the box for the other guys. People have to vote in the nonpartisan section of the ballot or their efforts will not matter. The reason is Michigan Supreme Court candidates are not classified as Republican or Democrat.

Your “straight party” vote for the Democrats is NOT enough. Make sure you vote all the way down to the NONPARTISAN section of the ballot where judicial elections are located. This is the only way to ensure real change.

How we can work together against special interests

We encourage you to talk to five friends and family members. Ask them to vote in the November 2012 elections. Most people have no idea what is happening with workers compensation. Tell them your personal story of how these changes have affected your life. Together we can make a difference!

We applaud Bridget Mary McCormack for her efforts to raise awareness and get out the vote. We also support her candidacy for the Michigan Supreme Court. We are confident that she will help restore balance and fairness. Watch our blog for future candidate endorsements.

Alex Berman is the founder of Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers. He’s been representing injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Alex has helped countless people obtain workers compensation benefits and never charges a fee to evaluate a case.

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