Fall Weather Arrives Early – 2012

Workers compensation lawyer in Michigan offers tips and suggestions for people who must work outside in the cold weather.

It’s the beginning of October and we have already started seeing temperatures in the low 30s. Trees have begun shedding their colorful leaves. Fall weather has returned!

We want you to stay safe while working outside in the colder months. Proper equipment and common sense goes a long way to preventing injury. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to stay safe during the fall months.

Dress for the weather: It’s always hard to put away the shorts and take out the winter jacket. But frostbite and hypothermia are serious medical conditions that should not be ignored. Dressing in weather appropriate clothing could be the smartest thing you do. This will keep your body warm and protected.

Use safety gear: If you are using loud equipment such as a leaf blower, you could suffer permanent hearing loss. Find a good set of hearing protection and use it every time you work outside. You might not even realize that you have damaged your hearing. Also, wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris. The inconvenience of wearing proper safety gear is worth it!

Save your back: You can develop a serious back injury from lifting at work. You could end up with disabling pain that keeps you from earning a living. Ask for help from co-workers when lifting heavy objects. Use lift assist devices to protect your back. Educate yourself on proper lifting techniques and don’t take a chance with your life.

Stay hydrated: You can become dehydrated even in cold weather. This can be a serious medical condition. Drink plenty of water or other appropriate fluids. Seek medical care immediately if you feel sick.

Work smarter not harder:  Ask for training so that you know how to safely operate tools and equipment. Find out if you need special gloves or boots if you are working with chemicals and sprays. Your health and safety should always be more important than employer profits.

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