Flint Hearing Site Closure

Governor Snyder’s administration closes another workers compensation hearing site. Currently pending cases to be moved to Pontiac and Dimondale locations.

Michigan Administrative Hearing System (MAHS) has announced the closing of the Flint, MI hearing site. MAHS cites a need to reduce expenditures as its primary concern. Other hearing sites will receive pending and future cases.

Formal notices will be sent to all parties of record in the coming weeks. Cases from Lapeer County will be transferred to Pontiac. Cases from Genesee County will be transferred to Dimondale. MAHS anticipates hearings to begin in the new locations starting December 2012.

Shrinking the system at your expense

MAHS is also in the process of combining the Saginaw unemployment and workers compensation offices into one location at the Hart Building. This follows on the heels of cutting the Detroit location in half by installing a tax tribunal court.

We consider this strange timing as Michigan currently has a budget surplus. A cynical person might consider this as another attack from an already hostile administration. Reducing WCA resources will undoubtedly make it more difficult for Michigan citizens to fight disputed claims.

How to reverse this trend

Tell Governor Snyder that “reinventing Michigan” should not be on the backs of ordinary citizens. You can contact him here.

Remember to vote in the November 2012 elections. Insurance companies and big corporations have been attacking your legal rights. Let’s stand up to these special interest groups together!

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