Flint to stay open for some cases

Work injuries occurring in Genesee County to remain in Flint, Michigan.

MAHS has released another notice regarding workers comp cases in Flint. Any injury occurring in Genesee County will remain at the Flint hearing site. Injuries occurring in Lapeer County will be transferred to the Pontiac hearing site.

These changes are effective November 19, 2012. MAHS has advised all attorneys to inform their clients. Previous notices should be disregarded.

Why the sudden change of course?

We suspect this is in response to a lawsuit filed in Genesee County that sought to stop MAHS from closing its Flint location. Michigan’s workers comp law requires a hearing to occur in the locality where the injury occurred.

Judge Geoffrey L. Neithercut ruled that at least one person’s claim cannot be transferred. Whether this ruling applies to other cases was yet to be determined. Our bet is that the MAHS did not want to find out.

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