Right-To-Work Legislation Gaining Steam

Governor Rick Snyder says right-to-work now “on the agenda” in Lansing.

The Detroit Free Press reports on growing momentum to pass right-to-work legislation. Governor Snyder has flip flopped and said it is now on the agenda.

This comes just one day after the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the state’s most powerful business lobby, ended its neutrality on the issue and urged passage of a bill.

Right-to-work is just a fancy way of saying union busting. All this legislation does is weaken collective bargaining in this state. This results in lower wages and less worker safety for everybody.

I’m not in a union so who cares?

We have blogged extensively about the horrible changes House Bill 5002  inflicted on the workers compensation system. The sad truth is that it could have been much worse.

Earlier drafts included a provision that completely removed an employee’s right to choose his or her  doctor. It would have given total control over medical treatment to insurance companies and big corporations.

This terrible provision did not survive because organized labor came to Lansing and stood up for all workers. So even if you don’t belong to a union, you still benefit from their advocacy.

Special interests win

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce was the driving force behind changes to workers compensation. Less benefits equals more profits.

You can help stop this legislation by calling and writing your state representatives. Your opinion really does matter!

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