Michigan Workers Compensation Quiz – 2013 Edition (Part 1)

10 true or false questions about your legal rights that you should be able to answer.

Test your knowledge about workers compensation benefits in Michigan. Decide if each statement below is true or false. The answers will be provided at the end of the quiz.

1.   ___ Insurance premiums for workers compensation are going through the roof.

2.   ___ Fraud is a major problem in the workers compensation system.

3.   ___ People get rich from workers compensation.

4.   ___ I can select my own doctor under workers compensation.

5.   ___ Doctors and hospitals are overcharging and we all pay the price.

6.   ___ My employer must pay for my health insurance.

7.   ___ My employer can force me back to work.

8.   ___ My employer has to keep my job open.

9.   ___ My workers compensation case will be heard by a jury of my peers.

10.  ___ I cannot afford a workers compensation lawyer.

1. False: According to the State of Michigan, the premium rate has gone down almost 14% in the last two years.

2. False: Accident Fund Insurance Company says fraud occurs in less than 4% of claims. Claimants are examined by insurance company doctors and fraud is easily detected.

3. False: Nobody gets rich from workers compensation. The amount of money that a person will receive is approximately 60% of their gross pay. There are no increases for inflation and the maximum is $798.00 per week. Pain and suffering is not available.

4. True: A person can select his or her own doctor after 28 days. This is important to avoid a conflict of interest with the insurance company.

5. False: All medical bills are reduced by cost containment. This is a fee schedule that sets a maximum charge. Doctors and hospitals receive much less than what is billed.

6. False: An employer only has to provide reasonable and necessary medical treatment for a work injury. If a person loses their health insurance, the amount of weekly benefits can sometimes be increased.

7. True: An employer can stop wage loss benefits if a person refuses reasonable employment or favored work. Many employers try to get people to quit by working them beyond restrictions. It is important to call an experienced workers compensation lawyer if this occurs.

8. False: Your employer does not have to keep your job open. However, you may have other legal rights under federal laws called FMLA or ADA.

9. False: All workers compensation cases are decided by a state appointed magistrate. This is the person who will hear the evidence and make a decision about the facts and law.

10. False: An experienced workers compensation lawyer will take your case on contingency. You only pay a fee if successful with your case.

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