Michigan Workers Compensation Quiz – 2013 Edition (Part 2)

10 additional true or false questions about your legal rights that you should be able to answer.

Test your knowledge about workers compensation benefits in Michigan. Decide if each statement below is true or false. The answers will be provided at the end of the quiz.

1. ___ I must attend the independent medical evaluation (IME).

2. ___ Wage loss benefits can be stopped even though I can’t find a job.

3. ___ The insurance company will help train me for a new career.

4. ___ The insurance company can force me to have spinal surgery.

5. ___ Workers compensation can be stopped at any time.

6. ___ The insurance company has the burden of proof.

7. ___ I can settle my workers compensation case for a cash payment.

8. ___ My benefits stop when I reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

9. ___ It is too late to file for workers compensation because my injury happened years ago.

10. ___ My lawyer is going to take 1/3 of my settlement.

1. True: Michigan law requires attendance at the  independent medical evaluation (IME). Refusing to show up could result in forfeiture of benefits. Warning: These doctors are not “independent” as they are selected by the insurance company.

2. True: Recent changes to Michigan’s workers compensation law allow an insurance company to cut-off benefits based upon “wage earning capacity”. This is when the insurance company says a person can work even though no wages are actually being earned.

3. True: Vocational rehabilitation is available to help with retraining or to find a new job. Some insurance companies use this benefit against people and insist they accept any job that is available.

4. False: A person cannot be forced to undergo an invasive or dangerous medical procedure. Some insurance companies will dispute benefits based upon a failure to follow medical advice.

5. True: Insurance companies can dispute the payment of workers compensation benefits at any time. A claimant should receive a Notice of Dispute that outlines the reasons.

6. False: The injured worker always has the burden to show disability and work relationship. Medical and vocational evidence is necessary to prove a case.

7. True: Many people prefer to settle their workers compensation case for a lump sum cash payment. This allows them to do their own medical and vocational rehabilitation.

8. False: Maximum medical improvement (MMI) just means that a condition has stabilized to a point that no improvement or change can be expected from additional treatment. Just because a person reaches a healing plateau, this does not mean entitlement to wage loss benefits ends.

9. False: Michigan law requires employer notification within 90 days of injury. An initial claim must be made within 2 years. If both of these requirements are met, a person can seek additional workers compensation benefits at anytime in the future.

10. False: The fee is only 15% of the first $25,000 and 10% on the remainder of the settlement if benefits have been disputed.

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