Grand jury to investigate meningitis outbreak in Michigan

Workers comp lawyer gives update on spinal injections linked to meningitis outbreak in Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press reported last week that Attorney General Bill Schuette will empanel a multi-county grand jury to investigate recent meningitis outbreak in Michigan. Tainted steroid injections have now killed 16 people in our state alone.

Schuette  has indicated that drug manufacturer immunity will not apply because the company was not regulated by the FDA. The grand jury will determine if any Michigan laws were broken.

Individuals and their families can also pursue a separate civil action for damages. Pain and suffering would potentially be available.

Workers comp in Michigan

Steroid injections have been used for many years to treat work-related back and neck injuries. It can temporarily relieve pain while individuals participate in other types of rehabilitation and treatment.

Tell your doctor immediately if you develop symptoms related to a steroid injection. You can also call your doctor to see if you were exposed to a tainted batch.

Workers comp should cover any complications. This includes additional medical treatment and wage loss benefits if you cannot work.

Free legal help is available

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