Top three insurance company excuses in Michigan

Insurance company excuses and why workers comp claims get denied in Michigan.

Yesterday we blogged about online activities and why claims get denied. Here is our top three insurance company excuses that you need to know about. Make sure you contact an experienced workers comp lawyer if this happens to you.

1. Pre-existing condition

The number one excuse that insurance companies use is the pre-existing condition. Insurance companies think of osteoarthritis as a magic bullet to stop workers comp benefits. The insurance company will ignore the facts surrounding your workplace injury and even what your own doctor says.

Conditions such as degenerative joint disease or stenosis are often used to deny workers comp claims. Almost everyone develops arthritis as they get older and most people have some pain but are able to work. It is important to explain to your doctor how you hurt yourself at work and new symptoms.

2. Independent medical examination

The insurance company can you have examined by a doctor of its own choosing. This is called an independent medical examination (IME). Workers comp benefits can be suspended if you refuse to attend. Some doctors make a career out of testifying against injured employees and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from insurance companies.

IME doctors typically find no evidence of injury or blame other causes. It is common to see a report conclude that a person has fully recovered or that a person’s complaints are only subjective.

3. Wage earning capacity assessment

Many people are sent to a vocational counselor for an employability and wage earning capacity assessment. This is done to reduce or stop the payment of wage loss benefits. The insurance company wants to show you can work even though your employer doesn’t want you back.

The vocational counselor is hired by the insurance company and they have an agenda. You may be told that a job exists when it does not. These imaginary wages can then be used to offset workers comp benefits.

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