Workers Comp Awards In Michigan

Michigan workers comp attorney discusses the types of awards that a magistrate can order.

We always want to get the best possible result for our clients. Taking a case to trial can be a hard decision. This is especially true when a good settlement offer has been made. It helps to know the magistrates and likelihood of success.

Magistrates are appointed by the governor. Each brings his or her own personal biases and experience to the job. Trial can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. A decision is usually made within 60 days.

A magistrate must make a determination about the facts and law. One side is going to win and the other will lose. Here is some information about the types of awards that are possible.

Open Award

Payment of lost wages and medical have been ordered. These benefits must continue until further order of the Agency. The insurance company cannot stop these payments without permission from the magistrate.

Closed Award

The magistrate has determined that some lost wages are owed. Benefits will be paid for a specific or fixed period of time. This could be weeks or even years.

Medical Only

Lost wages have been denied. Reasonable and necessary medical treatment must be paid by the insurance company. A magistrate might determine that a body part is covered and deny treatment for another.

Benefits Denied

The magistrate has concluded that no benefits should be paid. This is common when a person fails to demonstrate that his or her medical condition is work-related. It also happens when a person fails to prove disability or wage loss.

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