Hourly Rate For Attendant Care

Michigan workmans comp lawyer discusses DOL wage estimates and how much you should receive for attendant care benefits.

Attendant care is an important benefit under workmans comp. It is intended to help you with activities of daily living while recovering from injury.

This could include help using the bathroom, bathing, getting dressed, preparing meals, taking medications, wound care, and even observation while you sleep. It will not cover ordinary household tasks like taking out the garbage.

Insurance companies won’t always tell you about attendant care. It is up to you to speak with your doctor and get a prescription.

How Many Hours

You can receive 24 hour attendant care from a professional. This is important for an individual who recently had surgery and is confined to bed.

In the alternative, a family member can be paid up to 56 hours per week for helping you. A spouse, brother, sister, child, parent or any combination of these individuals can receive payment from workmans comp. You must keep records of hours worked and what services were provided. Send this information to the insurance company for payment.

If you require more than 56 hours per week, the insurance company must pay a professional to cover the additional time.

Hourly Rate

A family member should receive the same hourly rate as a professional. This amount will vary depending upon the type of care provided.

You can get wage estimates and job descriptions from the Department of Labor (DOL). A Home Health Aide in the Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills area should receive $10.51 per hour.

The DOL describes this position as providing routine individualized healthcare such as changing bandages and dressing wounds, and applying topical medications to persons with disabilities at the patient’s home. Monitor or report changes in health status. May also provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming of patient.

56 hours of attendant care at $10.51 equals $588.56 per week. This could double the amount of money you receive from workmans comp every week.

Paid too little

Insurance companies often pay too little for attendant care.  This is done to save money at your expense. We can hold them accountable but you must take the first step.

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