Premiums for workers compensation to decrease again in 2014

Michigan workers compensation lawyer discusses the pure premium advisory rate and what this decline means for individuals hurt on-the-job.

LARA Director Steve Arwood has announced the pure premium advisory rate for workers compensation insurance will drop by an average of 8.3% in 2014. Rates have declined three years in a row for a total of over 21%.

“This sizeable decrease in workers’ compensation rates gives Michigan a real competitive edge over neighboring states in attracting and retaining businesses,” said Arwood. “Workers’ comp premiums are overhead costs. These savings can free up additional capital for companies to hire new employees and open additional facilities, or give them one more reason to move to Michigan.”

Agency Director Kevin Elsenheimer says 2011 legislative reforms have played a role in containing costs for employers. “We will continue to examine every aspect of our regulatory program to ensure our system supports growth for our business customers.”

2011 legislative changes

Insurance companies are now allowed to cut-off benefits simply because a person could find a new job somewhere else. It does not matter whether actual wages are being paid.

The burden is on the “partially disabled” individual to file a case and show entitlement to full wage loss benefits. This process can take months or even years!

This also removes the main incentive employers had to bring employees back to work with restrictions.

Race to the bottom

Special interest groups have been using the same tired argument about protecting job creators for years. Don’t believe the hype!

Workers compensation is supposed to be a compromise of employer and employee interests. Benefits have now been cut to the point that the system is no longer reasonable or fair.

We would also love to hear from any employers who have actually seen their insurance premiums drop 20% over the last 3 years.

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