Undercover investigation leads to nine arrests in Florida – Will Michigan follow this example?

Michigan workers compensation lawyer discusses consequences for employers who fail to purchase insurance and lists warning signs.

Florida recently announced the arrests of nine individuals running businesses without holding adequate workers compensation coverage. We hope Michigan follows this example and becomes more proactive with its own enforcement.

Failure to obtain workers compensation insurance in Michigan should be taken seriously. Penalties consist of imprisonment for not less than 30 days and a fine of $1,000.00. Each day without insurance could be considered a separate offense.

Not having workers compensation insurance shifts the cost of medical care to taxpayers through Medicaid and Medicare. It also hurts other businesses by increasing insurance premiums and assessments.

Four warning signs

We have written in the past about employers who must purchase workers compensation insurance. Not only does it make good financial sense but it is also required under Michigan law. Here are four warning signs that you should watch out for with your employer.

1. Employers who pay wages “under the table.”

2. Refusing to file a report of injury with the State of Michigan.

3. Asking employees to lie about how injuries occurred.

4. Promising to pay medical and lost wages out-of-pocket.

Where to get help

Michigan employers have significant obligations after a work  injury. This includes paying medical and lost wages. Not having workers compensation insurance does not relieve an employer of these responsibilities. Officers and directors of a business are personally liable for benefits.

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