In Soviet Russia Safety Goggles Watch You

More on emerging technologies and the future of workers compensation litigation.

We previously blogged about Google Glass and how this technology could have an impact on the field of workers compensation litigation. Reports out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) demonstrate another seemingly cool technology on the horizon.

XOEye Technologies has developed safety goggles that can take pictures and stream video over Wi-Fi. This could theoretically allow employers to see accidents in real-time.  XOEye’s demonstrated this technology by showing a video from an employee, working on an electrical box, at the company’s office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mr. Blanco, head of business development, sees the potential to cut down on workers compensation fraud. “Let’s say you have a guy who says he injured his back in a fall from a ladder on a Friday,” he said. “You could check the photos and see that no, you got injured in a softball game over the weekend.”

Our 2 cents

We see this technology as a two-way street. Having video evidence of a specific injury could prove valuable to the employee who is claiming benefits. Bet on some employers, like police departments with dash cams, conveniently losing video in situations that hurt them.

Privacy issues are another big concern. Should employers really be able to subject people to this type of personal intrusion? Will the safety goggles also monitor audio so that we can avoid sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits? What about wearing a camera during lunch breaks?

A quick word about the title of this post. You can read about the “In Soviet Russia” meme here. We think it fits perfectly in this situation.

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