New Magistrate Appointed By Gov. Snyder

Governor Rick Snyder has announced the appointment of Luke McMurray to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Magistrates.

Luke McMurray replaces John Buehler on the Board of Magistrates. His term will expire on January 26, 2015. Docket assignments have not yet been announced.

From the press release: McMurray has specialized in workers’ compensation law for the past 34 years. Before starting his own firm in 1999, McMurray spent 12 years with Reliance Insurance Co., managing the staff counsel in various states. He previously spent six years working on workers’ compensation and negligence cases with private law firms. He received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Central Michigan University and he earned a degree from the Detroit College of Law.

“Luke has extensive experience in workers’ compensation issues and will make great contributions to the board,” Snyder said.We wish Magistrate McMurray the best with his new position. We hope this will allow for a permanent replacement at the Detroit Agency. Several visiting magistrates have been handling the John Buehler docket on a weekly basis.

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