Don’t Worry, Be Happy

New research shows employee happiness results in higher productivity.

Futurity published an interesting article last week regarding happiness in the workplace. Turns out that happy employees are more productive employees. You can see the findings by the Journal of Labor Economics here.

We are not surprised by these results and have long advocated for better conditions in the workplace. In fact, health and wellness programs have already been shown to decrease workers compensation costs across the board.

Keeping employees happy can also save on workers compensation costs. Here is how employers can treat people better after a work accident. This will improve company morale and reduce litigation costs.

Honest Communication

We frequently get telephone calls from individuals who don’t know if their workers compensation claims have been filed by their employer. These people have legitimate questions about medical care and lost wages. This is a failure on the part of the employer who should have explained the workers compensation process. Open communication is the best way to avoid unnecessary litigation. Simply telling your employee when benefits are expected to start reduces employee stress and anxiety.

Medical treatment

The most important benefit under workers compensation is access to medical treatment. Michigan employers are given sole authority to select the medical provider during the first 28 days. Don’t ignore a workplace injury or refuse to let your employee see a doctor. Most people simply want to get medical treatment and return to their job.

Favored work

Michigan law requires payment of wage loss benefits if an employee is unable to work. Consider offering favored work within your employee’s restrictions. Resist the temptation to offer a demeaning job that involves little more than sitting in a chair. Give your employee a chance to be productive for your business despite his or her limitations.

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