Memorial Day 2014

Using political action to honor the men and woman who died serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Our law firm will be closed on May 26, 2014 in observance of Memorial Day. This is a time for us to remember those brave men and woman who died serving our country.

We ask you take some time away from barbeques and family to get politically active. There is no better way to honor our soldiers then by exercising your freedoms. Here are some suggestions for political action.

1. Tell friends and family members about your personal struggles

Most people have no experience with workers compensation. They believe it’s a free lunch for people who don’t want to work. Nothing could be further from the truth! Make a commitment to tell friends and family members about your personal struggles. Explain how the insurance company denied paying medical bills or wage loss benefits. Fight the misconceptions with truth!

2. E-mail your elected representatives

Insurance companies and large corporations have spent vast sums of money to influence workers compensation. This was seen with the passage of House Bill 5002 (2011). It is important to contact your elected representatives and tell them to protect your workers compensation benefits. Michigan citizens should always come before special interest groups.

3. Vote in the 2014 election for Governor

Governor Rick Snyder is running for re-election in 2014. His office has enormous power in the workers compensation system. The Agency Director, Appellate Commission, and Board of Magistrates are controlled by his office. It is time for change in Lansing but this can only happen if you get out and vote.

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