The most common employee fears in workers compensation

How employee fears in the workers compensation system lead to poorer outcomes and changes that should be made.

We recently blogged about employee outcomes in Michigan. How fear was a major influence on return-to-work programs.

Michigan’s workers compensation system is a safety net for people hurt on-the-job. It was part of a grand bargain between employees and employers.

Here is our list of top fears that our clients express. Addressing these issues will have a positive impact.

Fear #1: No wage loss benefits

It is hard supporting a family in these difficult economic times and many people live paycheck to paycheck. Insurance companies cause real financial harm when improperly disputing wage loss benefits. Our clients are frightened of losing what little income they are receiving. Penalties should be allowed if an employee can show bad faith.

Fear #2: No access to medical care

Most of our clients simply want to get better and return to work. It is impossible to recover without appropriate medical treatment.  There should be a presumption that medical care is reasonable and necessary when prescribed by a treating doctor.

Fear #3: Losing your job

Employees who are hurt on-the-job are routinely fired. It is not legal and hard to prove. Taking away someone’s job is the surest way to prolong disability. Providing temporary work accommodations improves company morale and saves on workers compensation.

Fear #4: Not employable

A serious work injury can be a life changing event. This is especially true when it results in permanent restrictions. The transition to a different career can be extremely difficult. It can also pay substantially less money. We need better rules that make vocational rehabilitation a priority.

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