9/11 responders face workers compensation deadline

Michigan firefighters and police officers deployed to New York after 9/11 could have multiple options when it comes to workers compensation benefits.

The New York Post reports that 9/11 responders and volunteers have a 1 month deadline to apply for workers compensation. This will preserve their right to future benefits should it become necessary. 9/11 responders from Michigan should file the appropriate paperwork to protect their legal rights.

Responders can also seek additional benefits in Michigan. Out-of-state injures are covered if the employee was a resident and the contract of hire was made in the state. The employer or insurance carrier will get a credit for any benefits already paid.

We encourage 9/11 responders to file claims in both jurisdictions. Here is what you need to know about your legal rights in Michigan.

Notice Provision

You must give notice to your employer within 90 days of injury. Telling your supervisor or a manager that you got hurt on-the-job is sufficient. However, we recommend that you ask to file out an accident form. Keep a copy for your records.

Claim Provision

You must make a claim for workers compensation benefits within 2 years of injury.  This can be done by asking your employer for wage loss benefits and/or medical treatment.  It is a good idea to ask for benefits in writing to ensure proof of claim. This can be accomplished by sending a letter to your employer by certified mail.

2 Year Back Rule

There is no statute of limitations for workers compensation if you satisfied the notice and claim provisions. However, you can be limited in the amount of past due benefits.  Payment will not be made for any period of time which is more than 2 years from the filing of your case. This period is reduced to 1 year if wage loss benefits had been previously paid.

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