Celebrating Labor Day 2014

Holiday weekend should be a reminder of the importance of organized labor and what you can do to support union membership.

Our law firm will be closed on September 1, 2014 in observance of Labor Day. This federal holiday is held on the first Monday in September and is dedicated to American workers.

Labor Day is also the unofficial last day of summer. It gives families a chance to spend time together enjoying late summer weather.

We hope that you take sometime this weekend to reflect on the contributions of the labor movement and how American workers built this great nation. This is especially important now that right-to-work legislation has been passed in our state.

The importance of labor unions

Right-to-work is just a fancy way of saying union busting. All this law does is weaken collective bargaining in the state. This results in lower wages and less worker safety for everybody.

Union advocacy aids all Michigan workers even if they are not members. Recent attacks on workers compensation would have been much worse if organized labor did not oppose these changes.

How you can support organized labor

Governor Rick Snyder is running for re-election in 2014. He said right-to-work legislation was too divisive but flip flopped once elected.

We encourage you to become politically active and vote. Special interest groups should not come before Michigan workers.

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by Alan Cleaver.

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