Widow speaks out after industrial accident

Another tragic loss shows why employee safety must be a priority and how workers’ compensation benefits are often inadequate.

WWMT-TV Newschannel 3 reports on a woman who lost her husband in an industrial accident. Russel Sharenbroch was crushed to death while working at the Grand Rapids Plastics Company. He was polishing a machine when another employee, who did not know he was inside, turned it on.

Angel Scharenbroch is telling her story with the hope that something like this does not happen again.  “If he had the proper protection agreement, he’d be here. It’s a basic life-saving mechanism they invent lock-out tag-outs for a reason; they’re there to protect people and they’re more worried about production than they are safety. I mean, something has to be said, something has to be done; somebody needs to be doing something,”

Scharenbroch has limited options under workers’ compensation and is considering a civil lawsuit. OSHA is currently investigating the incident.

Our 2 cents on employee safety

We  have already seen twenty-three occupational deaths in 2014. Employee safety must be the #1 priority for all employers in Michigan. Investments in training and equipment are a necessity.

This tragedy also highlights a problem with our workers’ compensation system. Michigan law requires payment of only $6,000 for burial expenses. Spouses are limited to a maximum of 500 weeks and can’t collect anything unless shown to be factually dependent. Children are even limited in what benefits they can receive. Pain and suffering is not available.

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