“Watch that first step, it’s a doozy!”

Increase in workers comp claims tied to bad winter weather last year.

Business Insurance reports that slippery winter weather from last year caused a spike in workers comp claims in the Midwest.

Nearly 1/3 of  all in claims in late January early February were from slips and falls on ice or snow. Michigan saw 32% of claims during that period connected to poor weather conditions.

We frequently have clients hurt from a slip and fall at work. Reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be covered.

Some people require surgery and lifetime restrictions. Lost wages are available if a person is unable to work.

If a person is hurt while on the premises of their employer, within a reasonable time before or after working hours, it is presumed to be in the course of employment.

Off premises injuries can sometimes cause controversy. Traveling in a reasonably direct route from a company designated parking lot to the location where work is to be performed typically brings it within the scope of workers comp.

Winter Safety

Many of the cases filed could have been avoided with some basic winter maintenance. Parking lots and sidewalks must be maintained. Snow should be removed quickley and salt applied frequently.

Employers should hire professional snow removal companies to ensure parking lots and sidewalks are safe. Potholes should be fixed and debris removed.

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