Genesee County hearing site in jeopardy of closure

Michigan Supreme Court rules against plaintiff and allows closure of Genesee County hearing site.

mapThe Michigan Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a plan to close the Genesee County hearing site. This is the final chapter in a lawsuit filed in 2012. You can read the opinion here.

It started when the Michigan Administrative Hearing System (MAHS), with little notice, decided to move all workers’ compensation cases arising in Genesee County. MAHS cited a need to reduce expenditures as its primary motivation.

Michigan law requires all  cases to be held in the locality where the injury occurred. Forcing people to travel to a remote hearing site nearly 70 miles away caused real concern.

A disturbing trend

We have seen the current administration take steps to shrink the workers’ compensation system. This includes cutting the Wayne County hearing site by nearly half. Rumors abound that Kalamazoo is next on the chopping block.

A cynical person might consider these actions as yet another attack from a hostile administration. Reducing resources undoubtedly makes it more difficult for Michigan citizens to fight disputed claims.

Many of our clients have limited income and must rely upon public transportation. It is also extremely difficult to travel 70 miles with a serious physical injury.

We are also concerned about the bad precedent this ruling sets. Can insurance companies schedule independent medical examinations in distant locations? Will injured workers be expected to look for jobs 100 miles away from their home?

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