Promising research for individuals suffering from paralysis

Future treatments for spinal cord injury and help that is available right now through workers comp insurance.

Bioscience Technology published a fascinating article examining some of the new research going into spinal cord injury. Everything from robotic exoskeletons to creating new nerves is being explored. We hope these new approaches give people hope.

Many spinal cord injury result in paralysis. This is when a person losses the ability to use his or her limbs or torso. It is the most challenging medical condition we see as workers comp lawyers.

While future treatments shows great promise, help is available immediately through workers comp insurance. Here is what you should know when making a claim.

Attendant Care

Paralysis results in lifetime medical expense and often requires 24 hour attendant care. The insurance company must pay if prescribed by your doctor. This is to help with activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom. Family members can receive payment up to 56 hours per week for providing attendant care. The insurance company must pay a family member the same hourly rate a professional would receive.

Home & Vehicle Modifications

Home modification is an important benefit that insurance companies often ignore. This could include widening hallways and doors or installing a wheelchair accessible bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to purchase a new home. The point is to make your life better.

Experimental Medicine

Medical procedures that are considered experimental are often disputed. However, the insurance company must still pay for all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. Technology keeps advancing and it is likely that new treatments will become available. It also possible to settle your workers comp claim and use this money to pursue medical treatment on your own terms.

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