Happy New Year!

3 easy ways to make your work comp case better in 2015.

Our law firm is closed on January 1, 2015. We wish all of our blog readers a Happy Near Year! Here are 3 resolutions to adopt that will help your case.

1. Perform a good-faith job search

The Michigan Legislature enacted major changes in 2011. Insurance companies now get a credit for “phantom wages” that are not actually paid. This is accomplished by hiring a vocational expert to say jobs are available but you are not trying hard enough to find them. Performing a good-faith job search proves these made-up jobs don’t exist. It is critical evidence that a magistrate can use to award full wage loss benefits. Keep a job search log and document applications.

2. Select your own doctor after 28 days

The most important part of your case is medical proof. Don’t count on insurance company doctors to support your case at trial. It is very important to see a doctor on a regular basis and get work restrictions. Use health insurance if your work comp claim was denied. Apply for Medicaid if you do not have insurance. Having a doctor on your side will make all the difference in your case.

3. Help your lawyer

We must know about changes to your medical and work status. You should also keep track of unpaid medical bills. Please also let us know about changes to telephone numbers and addresses. We must be able to find you if something important happens in your case.

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