Implant could one day help paralyzed walk again

Cutting edge research gives hope to people with spinal cord injury and what you need to know about lifetime medical benefits under Michigan workers comp.

We previously wrote about a study published in the Oxford Journal Brain showing electrical stimulation could be used to produce voluntary activity in paralyzed patients. Experts interviewed by CNN believed this was an important step towards helping paralyzed people walk again.

Now scientists in France have created a thin prosthetic ribbon, embedded with electrodes, which lies along the spinal cord and delivers electrical impulses and drugs. The implant is flexible and stretchy enough that it can be placed directly on the spinal cord without causing inflammation and scar tissue from rubbing. This exciting research has a long way to go but it could lead to human trials. You can read The Telegraph article for more information.

Paralysis is one of the most challenging medical conditions that we see as workers comp lawyers. This research give us hope that better medical treatments are indeed coming for our clients. Here is what you need to know about lifetime medical benefits under workers comp in Michigan.

Lifetime Medical

Michigan law requires insurance companies to pay all reasonable and necessary medical treatment under workers compensation. This is a lifetime benefit and continues even if a person returns to work. Unfortunately, many of our clients struggle just to get simple medical procedures approved.

Disputes arise when a procedure is considered unproven or experiential. These types of denials can be challenged in court. It is also possible to settle a claim and use this money to pursue medical treatment without interference from the insurance company.

Technology keeps advancing and it is likely that new treatments will become available. We hope our clients have better recoveries as these medical advances move forward.

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