The wind chill is how many degrees below zero? Is that even possible?

Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency promotes winter safety with new awareness campaign.

We suffered some brutally cold weather last week. Low temperatures and gusty winds resulted in wind chills of 15 to 24 below zero. This is not just uncomfortable but potentially dangerous weather.

Michigan saw a spike in work comp claims in late January early February last year. Nearly 1/3 were from slips and falls on ice or snow. Hypothermia and frostbite are also potentially dangerous medical conditions.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency have now teamed up to promote winter safety. It’s new campaign “Don’t Roll the Dice with Snow and Ice” offers safety tips that can be used by employers and employees.

“Every employer should have an effective safety and health management system in place to protect its most valuable asset: its employees,” said MIOSHA Director Martha Yoder. “As part of this program, they should prepare for winter conditions and provide helpful information to their employees on how to avoid injury and illness.”

What happens after a slip & fall injury at work?

We frequently have clients hurt from a slip and fall at work. If a person is hurt while on the premises of their employer, within a reasonable time before or after working hours, it is presumed to be in the course of employment. It does not matter who was at fault!

Off premises injuries can also be covered if you were injured while traveling in a reasonably direct route from a designated parking area to the location where your work is to be performed.

All reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be covered under workers comp. Wage loss benefits are available if unable to work.

Many of the cases filed could have been avoided with some basic winter maintenance and common sense. Snow and ice should be quickly removed. Weather appropriate clothing should always be worn.

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