Don’t call me, I’ll call you. Said no client ever!

Why you should be calling your lawyer and useful information that can speed up the litigation process.

4627837492_89815aef58_mWe get several telephone calls per day asking for a status update. These inquires are not very productive because we always notify our clients when something important happens in their case.

It can be extremely stressful to sit around and wait for resolution. A disputed case takes months or even years to fully resolve. We know how this can affect your family.

The best way to speed up resolution is through open and honest communication. Inform your lawyer about your concerns and let him or her come up with a strategy to help. Here are five topics to discuss.

1. Tell your lawyer about recent medical treatment

Medical evidence is the key to winning your workers’ compensation case. You must show that you have a current disability related to your employment. Make sure your lawyer knows about any recent treatment or surgery that is scheduled. Provide a copy of any disability slips. If you are not seeing a doctor, this information must be communicated.

2. Return to work activities.

Some people transition to a new job or simply go back to work. Make sure your lawyer knows if you have returned to gainful employment. Any workers’ compensation benefits that are owed can still be recovered. You could also be entitled to differential wage loss benefits if you are earning much less. Don’t just abandon your case!

3. Are you looking for a job?

A good-faith job search can make or break your case in Michigan. Make sure your lawyer knows that you are looking for work and provide job search logs every month. Just having some proof of a job search can increase the value of your case.

4. Do you have any unpaid medical bills?

We tell all of our clients to keep track of medical bills. Keep a list of providers and how much you owe. Attach medical bills and collection notices to this list. Provide this information to your lawyer on a monthly basis. This will ensure that your medical bills get paid and nothing falls through the cracks. Also, inform you lawyer if another insurance company is paying medical.

5. Is it time to settle your case?

The decision to settle your workers’ compensation case is not easy. You must consider the pros and cons of trial. Discuss with your lawyer whether you need additional medical treatment. Have you thought about finding a new job or starting a business? Sometimes a disability is considered permanent. Coming up with a plan for the future can make all the difference in your case.

Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers never charges a fee to evaluate a potential case. Our law firm has represented injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Call (855) 221-2667 for a free consultation today.

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