Reappointments to Board of Magistrates

Governor Snyder has announced eight reappointments to the Board of Magistrates.

5621821439_ee898c76ba_mGovernor Snyder has announced the reappointments of Magistrates Lisa Klaeren, Brian Boyle, David Grunewald, Beatrice Logan, Luke McMurray, Louis Ognisanti, Chris Slater, Robert Tjapkes.

These hardworking people are responsible for hearing contested workers’ compensation cases. It is their job to decide the facts and law.

What to expect at trial

Forget what you have seen in movies and television when it comes to workers’ compensation hearings. There is no fancy courtroom or spectators. The magistrate will hear the evidence and issue a written opinion at a later date.

Witness testimony will be taken under oath and is always recorded. Other evidence submitted at trial includes medical records and deposition testimony.

The magistrate will make a determination based upon the credibility of witnesses and medical evidence. Trial can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Our 2 cents

Most of our clients have never been exposed to the workers’ compensation system. It is a surprise to learn that a magistrate will decide the case.

Understanding the litigation process is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. If you know the preferences of your magistrate this can provide great insight.

Each magistrates brings his or her own personal experiences to the job. Some magistrates have defense backgrounds while others have spent their careers representing injured workers. This worldview can affect how a magistrate sees a case.

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