More safety training = less workers’ comp costs

Cheboygan County sheriff deputies receive training on safe lifting techniques and how to avoid workplace injury.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe spotted a nice article published in the Cheboygan Daily Tribune last week. A local chiropractor, Richard Strom D.C., provided Cheboygan County sheriff deputies with free training on safe lifting techniques and other ways to avoid workplace injury. It was noted in the article that proper training for employees leads to less workers’ compensation costs.

We applaud the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department for its proactive approach to employee safety. This is an issue we have long advocated. A small investment in safety can pay big dividends.

Wellness programs have also been shown to reduce workers’ compensation costs across the board. Healthier employees are less likely to get hurt and return to work faster. This results in lower insurance premiums and greater productivity. Other positive benefits include improved employee morale, retention, and recruitment.

We hope more employers take notice and make a small investment in their most important resource. Treating employees better really can be a good business decision. Good job Cheboygan County!

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