Detroit Tigers vs. Workers Compensation

Are company sporting events covered under workers compensation?

The Detroit Tigers started playing baseball again last week. Several of my colleagues played hooky to attend opening day. Everyone is excited for another great season!

Talking baseball with a friend led to an interesting discussion about workers compensation. He is purchasing tickets and bringing employees to a future game. This is used to motivate and reward his staff.

My friend wanted to know if workers compensation would be available if somebody got hurt. He literally wanted to know if a foul ball to the face was a compensable injury.

Recreational & Social Activities

Social events can subject employees to additional danger. Getting hurt while attending a sporting event or the company picnic does happen. A twisted ankle is common but we have also seen individuals suffer from heart attacks.

Many businesses have company teams and encourage their employees to play sports. This promotes teamwork and can be a great networking opportunity. Unfortunately, people get hurt while participating in these activities.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to recreational and social activities. Every situation must be evaluated on its own set of facts.

Workers Compensation

Attending a baseball game is typically considered a recreational and social activity. However, a person might have a claim for workers compensation benefits if they are required to attend as part of their job.

A manager or supervisor might also require an employee to participate in a company sporting event. A good test is whether the person would have been demoted or fired for not taking part. This could even be considered part of work duties.

Available workers compensation benefits include medical treatment and lost wages.

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