Memorial Day 2015

Honor the men and woman who served in the U.S. Armed Forces by exercising your political freedoms.

416158889_730879330f_mOur law firm will be closed on May 25, 2015 in observance of Memorial Day. This is a time to remember and honor those men and woman who died serving our country.

We suggest you take some time away from barbecues and summer activities to get politically active. There is no better way to honor our fallen soldiers then by exercising your political freedoms through advocacy.

Sending an email to your elected representatives takes very little time. Together we can make a difference and fix workers’ comp. Here are some issues to think about.

Unfair burden

Michigan’s workers’ comp law underwent major revisions in 2011. The burden of proof has become so difficult that many people have no remedy at all. Insurance companies can automatically dispute medical treatment for anyone with preexisting degenerative changes. Considering that almost everyone has some arthritis as they get older this has caused major hardships. Let’s put the decision making authority back into the hands of treating doctors and not insurance companies.

Phantom wages

Did you know that your weekly checks can be stopped without warning? Insurance companies are now permitted to assume you can get a new job and use imaginary wages to cut-off benefits. This is based upon “wage earning capacity” and its junk science. So called experts are hired to perform a labor market survey and it does not matter if you even get the job. Tell your elected representatives to protect the workers’ comp safety net!

Uninsured employers

We have seen increasing numbers of bad employers who refuse to purchase mandatory workers’ comp insurance. This continues to be a problem despite premium rates dropping nearly 28% in the last several years. Disabled people don’t just go away when there is no insurance coverage. Taxpayers pick up the bill through government programs like Medicaid and Medicare. The State of Michigan must be more proactive in filing criminal and civil charges against employers who try to game the system.

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