Own a small business? Demand a refund from workers’ comp!

Social media campaign to raise awareness about insurance premiums and get a refund for small business owners.

Small business owners created 64% of new jobs between 1993 and 2011. These companies are the foundation of our economy. Many are run by individuals who sometimes cannot even afford to pay themselves.

Special interests groups have pushed various agendas under the guise of protecting job creators. Michigan has been especially active with the passage of so called “right to work” legislation and workers’ comp reform.

Michigan has now seen a 27.7% drop in the pure premium rate for workers’ comp over the last 3 years. This has resulted in an estimated 277 million dollars in savings. Large corporations who can afford to be self-insured are very pleased.

What about small business owners? We wonder if these companies are seeing a big drop in their insurance premiums? Our guess is that insurance companies are just profit taking. This is happening across the United States as reform efforts sweep the country.

Join us in a social media campaign to demand a refund for small business owners! Has your small business received a 28% cut in premiums? Tweet out how much money your small business has saved (or increased) in the last year. Use #WorkCompRefund to follow these efforts.

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