ABC News goes undercover to catch “fraudster”

See how private investigators are used in the workers’ compensation system.

2265908696_eafe978f5d_mABC News is legendary for its sensationalist journalism when it comes to workers’ compensation issues. Every few months a new story about a person collecting benefits under nefarious circumstances seems to appear.

We have seen articles about kickball accidents, dancing hamsters, beauty queens, and claimants on the Price is Right. These stories get lots of attention but never represent what is occurring in workers’ compensation.

This time ABC News suits up in camouflage and joins a couple of private investigators as they follow a Midwestern farmer suspected of fleecing an insurance company. The stunning hidden camera video shows the alleged “fraudster” lifting a small object and putting it in his truck. Not exactly compelling evidence of fraud.

The money shot is described as “anything he does that makes him look like he is working.” The private investigator seems pleased as he dances with joy for the camera. “We got a start, it’s something for us to start building a case on.”

Private investigators following claimants is nothing new. Insurance companies want to find some proof that a claim is bogus. Surveillance video is often taken out-of-context and used to defend cases in court.

We have seen private investigators follow people to medical appointments, peep through widows, lie to neighbors, and even camp out in our parking lot. Describing this behavior as “black ops” is a ridiculous stretch.

Accident Fund, one of the nation’s largest workers’ compensation insurers, says fraud occurs in less than 4% of claims. It’s a small piece of a march larger problem. We suggest you check out NPR for its excellent reporting on workers’ compensation.

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