Michigan Workers’ Comp Quiz (2015 Edition)

Can you answer these simple questions about your legal rights under workers’ comp in Michigan?

Understanding your legal rights helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It also ensures you get the best possible result.

Test your knowledge about workers’ comp law. Decide if each statement is true or false. Answers will be provided at the end of the quiz.


1. My job is protected while on workers’ comp. T/F

2. I get to keep my health insurance benefits. T/F

3. I receive full pay while away from work. T/F

4. Medical treatment is covered. T/F

5. Relatives get money to help me around the house. T/F

6. I can choose my own doctor. T/F

7. Fraud is a serious problem in workers’ comp. T/F

8. Insurance premiums are rising every year. T/F

9. People get rich from workers’ comp. T/F

10. People on workers’ comp are just lazy. T/F


1. False: Your job is not guaranteed while on workers’ comp. However, you may have other legal protections under federal laws such as FMLA or ADA. You might also have an employment contract that gives additional remedies.

2. False: Your employer can discontinue health insurance. The value of these discontinued fringe benefits can be used to increase weekly benefits.

3. False: You are only entitled to 80% of the after-tax value of your average weekly wage. This amount can be reduced even more if the insurance company thinks you have a “wage earning capacity” and can get a job somewhere else.

4. True: You are entitled to reasonable and necessary medical treatment. This does not extend to preexisting or non-occupational illnesses.

5. True: Your family members can receive payment for up to 56 hours per week. Attendant care is supposed to help you with activities of daily living.

6. True: You can select your own doctor after 28 days from the start of medical treatment.

7. False: Accident Fund Insurance Company says fraud occurs in less than 4% of claims.

8. False: The pure premium rate has declined nearly 28% in the last three years.

9. False: Lost wages and medical benefits are your only remedy. Pain and suffering is not available. Nobody gets rich on workers’ comp.

10. False: Refusing a job within medical restrictions will result in an automatic suspension of benefits. Most people simply want to get better and return to work.

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