My doctor said what!?

3 ways doctors screw up workers’ comp cases and how to avoid these problems.

Medical evidence is the most important part of any workers’ comp case. Deposition testimony from your treating doctor can literally make or break your claim.

Don’t count on the defense medical examination to prove your case. These doctors are handpicked by insurance companies and rarely find in your favor.

Watch out for these warning signs with your doctor. Open communication is the key to resolving these issues.

1. Not billing group health insurance

Health insurance should pay medical bills that have been disputed by workers’ comp. You may have to sign a reimbursement agreement and pay the health insurance company back if you get a settlement or award. This is your best option to get medical treatment while your case is pending. It also means you won’t get stuck with a huge balance if your case is unsuccessful.

2. Not cooperating with requests for medical records

Some doctors refuse to turn over medical records or billing information. You have a right to your own medical records and can provide them to whomever at your discretion. You can also sign a medical authorization giving your doctor permission to release this information.

3. Not supporting your workers’ comp claim

Discrimination against workers’ comp patients is very common. You need a doctor who will be on your side. Watch out for doctors who want nothing to do with your case as this a clear indication of his or her opinion. Nothing hurts more than cancelling a medical deposition right before testimony is to be taken. Having an honest discussion with your doctor is the best way to avoid this problem. Make sure you communicate this information to your lawyer.

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