Facebook Posts That Get Claimants In Trouble

Our list of Facebook posts that get claimants in trouble and why you need to deactivate social media accounts now.

Insurance companies have been using private investigators to follow claimants for years. Surveillance is taken out-of-context and used to dispute benefits.

Social media is the new frontier when investigating a claim. Some adjusters make snap decisions based upon what has been posted on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It does not matter what the medical evidence even shows.

We recommend that you deactivate social media accounts and never post information about your case on the Internet. Here are some of the most common Facebook posts that get claimants in trouble.

1. Hunting: The magistrate won’t care if you couldn’t pick up a rifle and only used a bow. This type of physical activity will be used against you at trial. Stop posting pictures of hunting, fishing, bowling and other physical activities.





2. Having a few drinks: This seems innocent enough but even social activities have been used to argue that a medical condition is not truly severe. Watch out for the smile police!





3. Helping someone move: This is a personal favorite because I hate moving. If you can move furniture then you can probably do some gainful employment. Don’t count on anyone believing you were just around for moral support.





4. Weekend job: Nobody is going to believe that you only worked 1 weekend to help a buddy out of a jam. Just because its “under the table” does not mean it didn’t happen.






5. Talking about your case: Posting about how you are going to get even with your company/boss/co-worker is the dumbest thing you can do and will be used to question your intentions. Facebook friends don’t need to know about your personal business or how your workers’ compensation case is progressing.



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