Possible new treatment for herniated disc

Medical researchers looking at new ways of treating herniated discs and how this could help individuals on workers’ compensation.

3813001790_3d7bc33260_mThe Daily Californian has a fascinating article about UC Berkeley researchers who are using cow tails to grow replacement human spinal disc tissue. This research could eventually be developed into treatments for people suffering with spinal disc problems.

Herniated discs are diagnosed when the rubbery cushions between vertebrae are damaged. This can irritate nerves causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

Many of our clients suffer from a herniated disc after a lifting incident at work. Current treatments consist of physical therapy, prescription medications, physical therapy, and surgery.

Spinal disc injuries are some of the most difficult claims under workers’ compensation. Insurance companies don’t want to take responsibility because of the potential for a large claim. Many people have permanent work restrictions and require lifetime medical care.

Spinal disc injuries can also be hard to diagnose and treat. This is especially true for people with preexisting degeneration. It is hard to prove that a work accident is the primary cause of disability.

We are always fascinated by cutting-edge medical research. It provides hope that new treatments are indeed coming for our clients. Just in the last two years we have seen articles about 3D printed vertebrae and electrical stimulation being used to help paralyzed patients. While experimental medicine is typically not covered under workers’ compensation it can lead to more treatment options down the road.

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