Happy Halloween (2015)

Our tongue-in-cheek annual list of candy suggestions for people involved in your workers’ compensation claim.

We like to celebrate Halloween by writing about the scary people you will encounter during your workers’ compensation claim.

Humor is the best medicine when facing the stress and worry of a disputed claim. This is especially true when dealing with the frustrations of the system.

Here is our annual list of candy suggestions for people involved with your case.

Claims adjuster

Our clients tell us that claims adjusters are very sweet in the beginning but get sourer as time progresses. Wage loss checks go missing without explanation. Medical treatment is not timely approved. Telephone calls are not returned. We suggest Sour Patch Kids.

Nurse case manager

Nurse case managers are hired by insurance companies and some cause nothing but trouble. Watch out for interference with medical treatment and manipulation of work restrictions. We suggest Tootsie Roll because they have little substance and can hurt you if not chewed carefully.

IME doctor

Doctors hired by insurance companies are not what they seem. Some make a career out of testifying and do not have your best interests at heart. There is nothing “independent” about these medical examinations. Pass out Nerds to these doctors.

Vocational rehabilitation counselor

Vocational rehabilitation counselors are hired to perform wage earning capacity assessments and labor market surveys. These reports serve no other purpose except to reduce or stop benefits. We recommend black & orange wrapped toffee because most people just throw this worthless candy away.

Defense attorney

Defense attorneys are like the cheapskate neighbor down the street. They won’t pass out any candy but will give you a few loose pennies to go away. We suggest you return the favor and turn the porch light off when they show up.

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Photos courtesy of Creative Commons, by Steven Depolo.

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