Top 10 Fall Television Shows – Workers’ Comp Edition

Our tongue-in-cheek picks for winning television shows during the fall 2015 season.

It’s that time of year again when television shows return from summer hiatus. This gives everyone a chance to escape reality for a few hours.

We know how stressful a workers’ comp case can be for our clients. Finding an outlet is sometimes very difficult.

Laughter can be a great stress reducer. Here is our tongue-in-cheek list of television shows that our lawyers want to see on the fall schedule. Please add your own suggestions in the comments below!

1. The Walking Deadbeats

A group of injured workers try to survive in a world overrun by uninsured employers who refuse to pay medical bills and lost wages.

2. The Last Doctor On Earth

Insurance companies uses the same doctor to perform thousands of “independent” medical examinations. Plot twist: This actually happens!

3. American Horror Story: Michigan Workers’ Comp

An anthology series that centers on different families coping with the horrors of workers’ comp in Michigan.

4. Saturday Night Emergency Live

Industrial clinic puts on comedy skits for people who get hurt on-the-job and cannot see their own doctors.

5. America’s Next Top Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters from all over the U.S. compete for the honor of being the most unavailable for claimants.

6. Dr. Kenny

A comedy following a lovable doctor who cannot get insurance companies to approve reasonable and necessary medical care for his patients.

7. The Amazing Race To The Bottom

A reality competition between Midwestern states competing for new jobs in a global economy. Let’s see who can pay the least in workers’ comp benefits.

8. 672 Hours

A news magazine that forces people to wait 672 hours before getting a second opinion.

9. Worst Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris

Celebrity guests prank individuals with serious workplace injuries.

10. America’s Funniest Surveillance Videos

Insurance companies use insignificant and out-of-context videos to prove claimants are fraudsters.

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